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If you would like to volunteer with Husker Weim Rescue, Inc.
click here to for a volunteer application.

Husker Weim Rescue is a newly formed organization that started January 31, 2018. We are a small group of people that want to make a difference in the lives of each Weimaraner that needs our help. We would love to have you join our Weim family and help us be the voice for these precious babies. Volunteers make THIS all possible
Do you like to fundraise?  We can certainly use fundraisers!

  • Do you like to meet the public?  We can use volunteers to help at events.
  • Every dreamed of working a concession stand? We can help you make that happen and help Weims at the same time?
  • Do you to drive? Transporting the pups might be right for you.
  • Are you imaginative and creative?  We can always use new ideas.
  • Do have room in your heart and home? Fostering might be just what you need.
  • Let us know if you’d like to volunteer!  

Pam & John
In 2002 we are looking for a puppy we came across an ad for Weimaraner puppies.  We fell in love immediately and took our Gracie home. We called her our little mud turtle with her long legs and ears. In 2012 I saw an advertisement for a Meet & Greet and decided that volunteering is what I needed and wanted to do, from that day I was hooked. We decided to try foster even though was a little worried as our Gracie was 10 and had always been an only pup. In October 2012 our first foster came into our lives her name was Morgan and she was with us until Mar 9, 2013 and I cried when I had to let her go but she went to a wonderful family Then the end Mar 2013 our sweet Jessie came to us and she stayed until Sept 2013. Nov 2013 came Duke and the boy made us a foster failure. We lost our Sweet Gracie June 2017 and my heart was broken. If not for her I might not have every gotten the opportunity to help so many Weims. 2018 John and I were blessed to have the opportunity to start Husker Weim Rescue with Janet & Craig, Sue & Terry, Stacey & John, Andy & Terry. Our goal is to help as many pups as possible and educate people about the breed.

Sue and Terry Deano and Adam
Our son rescued a weim in 2001. We had never seen a Weimaraner in person before but fell in love with Reno and the breed.

Reno was a GREAT dog that we knew little of his history except that he was gun shy and “tossed” a cat and was in a kill shelter! In 2007 Reno’s kidneys started to fail and we were beyond sad! In 2008 we rescued Winston who became Deano and Reno died. We just knew that we LOVED these dogs…this breed! In Jan. of 2013 I was “cruising” Craigslist and found a skinny, unaltered 6 month old little female weim named Viper…….I had to get her off CL. Used my birthday $ and after speaking with Wonder Weims Rescue we purchased her, renamed her Piper surrendered her to WWR and fostered her for 2 weeks until she was adopted. Adam came along thru WWR in March, heartworm positive, we cried at the thought of losing him…..on our 2nd foster we failed and we were so happy to be failures. There have been many transports and fosters since then and we have made wonderful friends thru fostering Weimaraner’s. Janet, the tireless Nebraska coordinator, is wonderful to work with. We felt we made a difference volunteering with WWR. Now we will continue in rescue with newly established, Nebraska based, Husker Weim Rescue.

Janet & Craig

Looking for a wonderful dog to grow up with our kids when we saw & fell in love with a Weimaraner so the search was on for a Weimaraner puppy when we found Rex. We were hooked but Rex rolled over the top of us because we had no clue. Stubborn as the Weimaraner, we stuck with him & he left us after 13-1/2 years. We have adopted 3 other Weimaraner’s since Rex, & have fostered many. Everyone can be a first time owner, but we find the Weimaraner breed is not for everyone. Volunteering with Husker Weim Rescue, Inc. has allowed us to hopefully help owners & their Weimaraner’s get that secure family and home life they deserve.

Stacey & John

Six years ago we became parents to our first weim Minion.  At the time we were looking for a buddy for our chocolate lab, Ozlo.  When the two of them met, it was love at first sight for them as well as us.  However,  the only thing we really knew about the breed was that they needed a ton of exercise.  We had no idea all the quirks that also came with being a weim owner such as counter surfing, nooking and the constant need for being right by your side.  We quickly learned and I became "obsessed" with all things weim and learned all I could about them.  I had found a rescue and followed them and we found sweet Maggie, our 2nd weim and gained a great friend, Janet Breitkreutz.  From that point we jumped both feet in to volunteering by working fundraising events at Baxter, storing supplies and failing miserably at fostering by adding Foster, Flash and Ava to our family.  Rescuing these beautiful creatures is such a rewarding experience. We have an amazing team of great ladies and gentlemen that share our passion and we all LOVE spoiling our beautiful babies.
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